Warning: May cause mood increase, foot tapping and frequent humming

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The season of goodwill is officially over for another year and while we may have joyfully rung in the New Year with a roaring chorus of Auld Lang Syne, there is something about January that is simply… quite depressing.

That’s right! You’re back to work after two blissful weeks indulging in chocolate, enjoying duvet days by the fire and staying out til 4AM because ’twas the season! Now reality has reared it’s ugly head and your declarations of ‘New Year, New Me’ have come back to haunt you as you joined to Cycle-to-Work gang in the freezing cold this morning. When you finally reached the office (red-faced and numb) you began the slow sift through your inbox of 5,000+ new emails. Sounds like a serious case of the January Blues…

Well, Soundwave is about to turn that frown upside down! What better way to get out of your back-to-work funk and banish those January blues than with music for the soul? We are prescribing a daily dose of our January Hangover Blues playlist to help ease you into 2015.

Keep us updated on your condition by getting in touch on Twitter and let us know if you notice any improvements! ;)

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