Let’s not pretend anymore… we all do it.

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Throughout the year, the Soundwave support team have received numerous requests from rather distressed users to remove certain, er… embarrassing songs from their Recent Plays. These emails were filled with elaborate explanations on how these songs ended up on their Soundwave profile in the first place. Excuses like;

I accidentally played it” holly_corner_large

“My girlfriend had my phone”

or the classic…

“My mom uses my Spotify account sometimes!”

We’ve heard it all!

And while we are more than happy to help remove your “Recent Play Shame”, it got us wondering… What is the big deal? Why can’t you openly admit you love Justin Bieber? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone was just open and honest with each other about what music they like?

This week, we want to help our Soundwavers to overcome this embarrassment by telling us your guilty pleasures of 2014. Which song made you dance around the room when no one was watching but jump to delete from your YouTube history when asked to share your phone? Follow us on Twitter and tweet us YOUR #GuiltyPleasure2014 to be in with a chance to win a Soundwave goodie pack with some other fun prizes! To improve your chances of winning, take a #NoShame selfie and embrace your unconventional music taste!

Still feeling shy? We’re not going to judge you (much) and to prove it, here’s some of our very own #GuiltyPleasure2014 from Soundwave HQ!


Image Map

Competition ends on Friday the 19th of December so get tweeting!

As always, it’s been a pleasure…



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