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5 Things You Need to Know When Designing for Apple Watch

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The Soundwave music discovery app has been live on both iOS and Android for almost 2 years. I recently had the opportunity to work on UI and Interaction Design for the Soundwave Apple Watch app. With the Watch set to be released on April 24th, Soundwave will be one of the first apps available on this platform. Having also been one of the first apps available on Android Wear, it’s exciting to finally have an Apple Watch app in the pipeline! Naturally, tackling the design and build of an app on a new platform was […]

Get the most out of Soundwave – Tips from the Pros!

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This week’s guest blog post is from London Roadie, Evelyn Higgins. This is a must read for all Soundwave users, there’s some seriously nice gems and tips in here, enjoy! Up until recently I have always been more of a social media spectator rather than participator.  I set up my first twitter account about 3 years ago but up until the end of the summer you could count my tweets on one hand. My job as a Soundwave Roadie is to help spread the word about the great things the guys at Soundwave are doing. […]