Soundwave users are #nowtweeting!

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We speak to a Soundwave user with over 50k+ Twitter followers to hear his thoughts on the new addition to Soundwave. Read on for the full lowdownDr_Zurdo_banner

Since the launch of Twitter integration on the app a few weeks back, Soundwave’s Twitter account has been buzzing non-stop! Tweets from within the Soundwave app are reaching new audiences and artists all over the world. We’ve seen Soundwave users being retweeted by artists they mention such as BANKS, Goldroom, Kodaline, Hozier and Benji Boko to name a few.

Twitter in action :)

The simple fact is that Soundwave’s loop for music recommendation works because it’s all about the people. Users can now simply let their favourite artist know that they are listening to them, regardless of what player or streaming service they are using. The artists themselves suddenly have much more insight into fans they may not have even realised they have; they can see who is listening to them all over the world on the likes of YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer and desktop plays. Soundwave pulls all of this information into the one place to give a complete and accurate picture of who is listening to what and where! If you discover a new band or artist that you really love then usually you want to spread the word and Twitter is proving to be a very powerful addition to the app to allow a lot of our userbase to do that easily.

With over 50,000 followers on his Twitter account, Jorge (@DrZurdo), our very own brand ambassador for Spain is no stranger to the potential this new update brings. We had a quick catch-up with him to hear his thoughts on the latest addition to Soundwave:

Zurdo profiles

Q. Our most recent update saw Twitter integration added to the app. We thought it would be particularly interesting to reach out to you about this update because you have such a huge Twitter following. Could you tell us briefly how you got started on Twitter and how did you manage to build such a huge number of followers?

I joined Twitter during the summer of 2011. I moved to Newcastle (Australia) for a year and I wanted to find a way to stay updated on what was happening back in Europe, Spain and all around the globe. I ended up telling jokes, fooling around and simply being myself on Twitter for a hobby. People seemed to like it and before I knew it, things kind of got out of hand! I can’t tell you how I did it, I can only say I loved it and I still do, even though I am much busier now and can’t put as much time into it.

Q. What type of content are you pushing out to your Twitter followers? What
does your audience seem to enjoy the most?

I try to check out what everyone is speaking about and share my opinions on
whatever is trending. I mix in my own jokes, thoughts and anything that
comes to my mind related to stuff that I like or enjoy speaking about. My
“audience” (they’re just normal people like me who enjoy a good laugh every
now and then) seem to enjoy jokes and controversial opinions the most,
but you never know on Twitter and you have to be creative.

Q. Given your level of involvement with both Twitter and Soundwave, how do you
think the most recent update is going to benefit Soundwave and its users?

I think that as Soundwave continues to grow, there should be a new-born Soundwave
community on Twitter that will start to follow each other and share music and
opinions on the app, all this should be supervised and kind-of lead by the
official account and the roadies! That would give Soundwave a good lead
over the other music-sharing apps.

Q. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for how Soundwave could further
improve this Twitter integration?

You guys should have personalised tweets for every artist & song and offer
the possibility to mention your friends on Twitter directly from the
Soundwave app, so that sharing on Twitter doesn’t take you out of it. Apart
from that, everything’s going well. Keep up the great job!

Q. You have been the official brand ambassador for Soundwave in
Spain for nearly 6 months now, how are you finding it?

I’m loving it so far: Soundwave has only gotten better since I joined and it
is doing so good no one can believe it! The hard work the guys at the
office do is the main reason for this and also everyone’s work on spreading the news to the

Q. What is it that you love about Soundwave? What’s the best feature in the
app in your opinion?

I love being able to keep track of every song I have listened to during the day in
one app and choosing which ones I share with my friends on Facebook,
Twitter, or even inside Soundwave…simply perfect! In my opinion, the best
feature is the music map where you can discover who’s listening to music around you and what they’re listening to!

Thanks Jorge!


To find out more about Soundwave or to download the app just click here! For more information on the recent Twitter addition, feel free to check out this article.



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