Soundwave Spotlight – Meet our top four users for great music suggestions!

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Soundwave is home to a large community of music fanatics who love to discover and share great new music! Sharing new songs has never been easier with the app when all you need to do is simply, well… listen to music!

Leading the crowd with over 150,000 songs tracked to his profile alone is Alberto Hernandez. We caught up with Alberto to chat about Soundwave, apps and of course.. how he has the time to listen to so much great music?!

Alberto H2

Name: Alberto Hernandez 

Location:  California, USA
Occupation:  Graphic Designer, Animations, Digital Artist
Play Count: 150K + and counting
Song of the Moment: Axwell A Ingrosso – On My Way
Music Style: Pop, Rock, Indie, you name it! He loves it!

How did you first hear about the Soundwave app?

I was looking for an app where I could share music, find new artists/bands, keep track of my plays and meet new people. So I just randomly searched in the App Store and *ding* – I found Soundwave! If I remember correctly, I actually downloaded the app just 1 week after was first released in 2013.

Who are your favourite artists right now?

I listen to quite a lot of different bands. At the moment, my favorites are Muse, Linkin Park, The Killers, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Mumford & Sons, Florence + the Machine and lists goes on…. So many awesome bands!

Let’s do the math… 150,000 songs, average at approximately 3 minutes per song = 450,000 minutes = 7,500 hrs listening to music! (Phew!)
How do you listen to so much music?Alberto Hernandez - TopUSER

I listen to music all day, everyday – mostly when I am at home or when I’m going to sleep! I  also sometimes play music while I’m working. Listening to music is my favourite hobby! It makes me feel happy, relaxed & focused and this is why it’s such an important part of my life.

“I use a few different apps to find and listen to music, but I have to say… Soundwave is one of the coolest music apps ever made!!”


I love how it automatically keeps track of my music plays and I love using the Chrome desktop extension for this reason also. The Music Map is another fun way of exploring the world for new songs!

Top Users On Soundwave

Some of the top users on the Soundwave music discovery app

These impressive Soundwavers have taken full advantage of the app’s tracking feature and now have a combined total of over 300,000 amazing songs tracked to Soundwave! (WOW!)

Check out Alberto, Kris, Eric and Andres on Soundwave now for the best music recommendations! Don’t forget to start building your own impressive music library by downloading Soundwave for free on iOS and Android.

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