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Soundwave has a huge community of the best people with even better taste in music! Since we introduced the Music Messenger Groups feature, our little app has been a hub of musical activity. Music lovers from all across the globe are now connecting and sharing music. We wanted to know more and so we asked English Soundwaver Laura Stracey all about her experience of groups! Aside from her impressive play count of 8,000+, Laura is currently leading the conversation in up to 10 groups on Soundwave! (Wow!)


Q. Hi Laura! So where did you first hear about Soundwave? 

I heard about Soundwave after someone posted about it on Instagram. I normally don’t take much notice of app recommendations on Instagram but decided to check it out! At first I’ll have to admit I was a little skeptical. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted everyone to see all the guilty pleasures I listen to, but I took the plunge and downloaded it! I’ve been using Soundwave for over a year now and loving it!

Q. What is your favorite feature of the app?

My favorite feature is My Song of the Moment on the profile tab! I must change mine at least twice a week. It’s so awesome to just be like, ‘I’m feeling super happy right now’ and then set your Song of the Moment as a really upbeat song. I just think its a really cool idea and really captures how you’re feeling at a certain time. In fact, I think I gunna change mine right now…


Q. You’re also quite an active user in Groups on the Soundwave app. Who is someone you frequently chat to you in Groups?

Well, I chat with Poi Delossantos quite a bit. I met him on the Soundwave app after we were both invited to a group chat. He started following my Soundwave profile and then invited me to our own group where we could chat more directly. I live in England and Poi is French so you might be wondering if the language barrier is a problem, but we mostly chat about music in English. It would be cool though if I could say something in French but unfortunately, my extent of the French language ends at being able to read food off a menu. Haha.

Q. What are conversations usually about in groups or is it mostly recommending music to other users?

The conversation could be about anything really! I was chatting to another user Luke Sullivan on Soundwave and we were discussing metaphors in music. I then suggested he should listen to “Play Crack The Sky” by the American band Brand New. The entire song is a metaphor comparing relationships to ship wrecks. It’s such a really cool song!

Play crack

I think Groups is really about starting conversations with people who you think have similar interests to you or who you think has a cool taste in music! You really want to get to know them, not just share music. I’m really bad at getting out of my comfort zone so groups is really great to help me discover music that’s already like what I listen to. Don’t worry though, I’m working on stepping into the unknown! I also really love sharing music recommendations with Poi, Da’Monet X and Luke Sullivan, who I mentioned above! They’re usually listening to really cool music!

Q. Any tips for new users on the Soundwave app?

If you’re new to Soundwave the only thing you really need to know is to make the most of the app! Update your profile as many times as you want, listen to a tonne the music that makes you happy and follow other people because you find them or their music taste interesting. Just remember, don’t try to be anything you’re not!

Q. Name a feature you would love to see on Soundwave.

This is such a hard question because everything is already there but I would like to make playlists on Soundwave and be able to share them with people in groups. I’d love to make personal playlists to suit the person I was chatting to. It would be like giving someone a modern day mix tape and I’ve always wanted one of those.


Thanks again to Laura for helping out with this piece. We’re on the lookout for more users to feature so if you think you’re a leading example for a certain genre of music drop us an email ( and tell us why! In the meantime, check out Laura on Soundwave and invite her to chat about new (and old) music!

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