Soundwave receives the Editor’s Choice award on the Google Play Store

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Editor’s Choice is a specific section on the Google Play Store; reserved for a collection of the very best apps, hand-picked by the store’s Editors. Getting a spot here is notoriously difficult as the Store has high standards and a number of quality guidelines that an app has to meet in order to be considered. According to the Google Play store’s website:

Editor’s select apps based on their ‘quality and great user interface, long-term popularity and innovative use of Android features!

Taking all of this into consideration you can understand how delighted we were when we received the award last week and have secured a spot in this coveted section of the Store.

Soundwave Editors Choice

It wasn’t just luck!

Achieving this recognition was no easy feat, and a huge amount of extra hours from our incredible Android team went in to ensuring our app was up to Editor’s Choice standards.

“We needed to do some additional things to make the app fit more closely with Android design and usability guidelines. We aim to do that anyway, but the Editor’s Choice review process caused us to do that to an even higher degree. The main focus of the changes were on the app icon and the designs for tablet.” – George, Lead Android Developer at Soundwave.

Currently 60 apps can be found in Editor’s Choice on the Play Store and we are honoured to be alongside some of the app greats like Duolingo, AirBnB, Evernote and other companies who have been around a lot longer than us! Two years ago, to think of being featured in the Google Play store as part of the Editor’s Choice was a near impossible dream especially with such a small team. Today, Soundwave has beaten all the odds with this award and to our knowledge, we are the first Irish company to do so.

What are they saying on the Play Store?

Play store 2

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us: we couldn’t have gotten to where we are without such an amazing community of users!

Check us out in the Editor’s Choice section of the Google Play Store and if you haven’t already… Rate us! 

Team Soundwave!


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