Soundwave 2.0 launches on iPhone and Android

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Fresh off the developers lap at HQ is Soundwave 2.0. Yes, today (July 17th) marks the release of a brand new Soundwave app for iPhone and Android. Over the past six months, Team Soundwave have been working behind the scenes talking to users, researching, guzzling coffee, designing, coding and listening to some inspirational tunes to bring you what we hope you’ll agree is our best release ever! What’s more, we’ve been attentively reviewing your suggestions and requests to make sure you stayed at the heart of all decisions in the lead up to this exciting release!

So what’s it all about?

It’s like Instagram and Whatsapp had a music love child! Once you update to the latest version or download if you’re a new user (welcome!) you’ll be able to chat and share music with friends using our brand new Music Messenger feature! Create private groups and invite your friends and/or followers to chat and share your music – we’re talking group playlists on the go. Simple! This feature is perfect for planning your next house party, road trip or even trying to gather suggestions for the first dance at your wedding. It’s there for you to use however you like.

Any other cool features?

Yes- we’ve added personalized recommendations! No, we are not feeding you suggestions through a complicated maths algorithm. On Soundwave, we recommend users that have similar music tastes to you, like the same songs or that simply live in your local community. But it’s not just about discovering like-minded music lovers- sometimes, it’s about broadening your tastes and the thrill of discovering music that’s outside your usual territory. Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Anything else?

No…(joke)! We’ve redesigned the app – and dare we say, we think our new profile page looks pretty slick! Set your ‘Song of the Moment’, keep track of your most recent plays or save some newly discovered tunes for later. If that wasn’t enough, every time you like a song it gets added to your profile page…pretty cool eh?

For those of you already on Soundwave, the activity timeline has also undergone a makeover – yes, never again will you see songs from the same album clogging up your feed…we know a lot of you will be pretty happy with this one!! #foreverlistening

That’s it from us!

OK so we’ve rambled on enough; time you got involved and checked it out for yourself! Just make sure you update to the latest version.

For existing iPhone users click here or for Android click here. If you’re new to us – again, WELCOME! Here are the links to download for iPhone and Android.

We hope you like Soundwave 2.0 as much as we do.

Until next time,

Team Soundwave.

We would love to hear your thoughts – please do comment if you have any feedback or questions or send it to



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