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The Soundwave Music Discovery app has an extensive community of over 1 million users who love to chat and share new music! Our newest London brand ambassador Jamie has been active on the app for over 2 years and in that time, he’s built up an amazing network with music lovers from all over the world. Here’s what he had to say about his experience on the app:
London brand ambassador Jamie Spencer

As a new Soundwave roadie for London, I thought it best to dispel the myth right now…

No – I don’t have to carry Soundwave‘s equipment around, I don’t have any tattoos, and I couldn’t grow a beard if my life depended on it. (Although I can cultivate a ‘Shaggy-out-of-Scooby-Doo’ style fluffy chin.)

I do really enjoy using Soundwave though, so I wanted to share my experience with the app over the last couple of years.


New Adventures in Hi-Fi

I’ve never understood how people can treat music as a lifestyle accessory. Something to be tried on, discarded, disposable…To me it has always been something more akin to breathing – a necessity.

Seeking out new music and ways of discovering it is a small obsession of mine. I came to Soundwave the way I’m sure a lot of twitter users did – via a recommendation from Stephen Fry, and I was immediately drawn in.

The app didn’t have all the features it has today but still looked great. I loved having a profile dedicated to my music. My only problem was that my son’s Frozen-fever was at its peak so my top 20 most played was dominated by singing Disney princesses…

Soundwave Profile

The Road(ie) Less Travelled

I loved the music map feature so I got searching…I started to discover like-minded people from far and wide. I remember one of my early friends from Japan – despite the language barrier I felt the connection as we traded likes back and forth, through our mutual love of the Velvet Underground…

Sharing the Shivers

I recommend all new users spend time looking at who else is playing your favourite artists. I quickly built up a network of friends on the app so when the Groups function came along I had a core of friends to get involved. My method was to pick my more obscure favourites. I love a band called the Shivers – if you’ve ever played one of their songs, chances are I’m following you!

My ‘Groupies’

I’ve always been a chronic playlist maker – my Spotify account is full of them, so Groups was always going to be a loved feature! When you swipe left on the app, you can see a full list of all the songs shared -it’s awesome! With the network of friends I have on the app, groups is both an essential and hilarious function… I strongly encourage everyone to follow Anthony Waller, Mel Melvin, Uzzielle, Gavin Coughlan, my fellow roadie Gordon Place and loads of other great users you can find through my profile page.

I’ve made some fantastic discoveries via Groups – we have ‘In with the new’ where we share our latest discoveries (latest post – Gavin with Jaakko Eino Kalevi), more genre specific ones such as Mel’s ‘Psychedelicious’ thread (check out a Band of Bees), as well as many for our own amusement.

Bad Advice - Groups on Soundwave

The latest group is ‘Bad Advice’, songs where doing what the song title tells you would be a Very. Bad. Idea.

Example? It took me a while to find one suitable for print… but Abba’s advice to ‘Put on your white sombrero’ might lead to a visit from the fashion police.

Better than the Beatles

The biggest thing I’ve learned from Groups though? That I am the only person in the Universe who thinks the Bee Gees are better than the Beatles.

… Is there anyone out there who agrees with me? If so, see you on the app!
Get chatting to Jamie along with all our other Roadies in Groups on Soundwave! Download the app for free on iOS and Android.


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