Live music, pizza and a bath full of Tiger Beer – Just another community event at Soundwave!

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Tune Drop
Tune Droppers enjoying a beer at our Soundwave event on Wednesday. Photography by Susan Gorzalcynska

It’s safe to say we’re getting pretty creative in our efforts to gather feedback and connect with the Soundwave community. This week we held a rather unusual (but super fun!) event with Tune Drop!

Tune Drop is an Irish group on Facebook with over 5,000 music enthusiasts as it’s members! We heard about the group through the grapevine after hours of interviewing local people about where they find and share new music, Tune Drop was mentioned over and over. Encouraged by curiosity, we requested to join the group and soon discovered a whole new underground world of music right there on Facebook. Tune Droppers share music up to 20 times an hour with post after post containing a brilliant music suggestion or video to a live music set. They were social, funny and most importantly, they loved music!

We thought it would be a great idea to meet some of these Tune Droppers in person! So on Wednesday, we invited a select group from Tune Drop to come along to the Martcade in Rathmines for an open feedback session with our Soundwave Team. The night resulted in lengthy discussions about music, gigs, Tune Drop and of course, Soundwave!

Afterwards, we relaxed with some beers, ordered (too much) pizza and listened to the funky beats of DJ Do Funkk who performed brilliantly on the night! We highly recommend you check him out on Facebook here! We get the feeling we could be seeing his beats on Soundwave any day now…

We were also lucky enough to have photographer Susan Gorzalcynska for the evening. Her shots are amazing as proven by the picture below. Check out more of her stuff here!

DJ Do Funkk playing the decks on Wednesday at the Martcade. Photography by Susan Gorzalcynska

Huge thank you to everyone who came along and got involved in what was a truly great evening! (We certainly couldn’t have eaten all that pizza by ourselves!)

If you would like to attend any of our upcoming events at Soundwave, drop us an email to and we’ll get back to you!

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