A lot can happen in 24 hours… especially at Soundwave HQ

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At 8.30 UMT on July 17th it all kicked off – yes, our team at HQ released Soundwave 2.0 on Android and iPhone across 10 different languages, marking what is by far the most significant release since our initial launch back in June 2013. We have been simply overwhelmed by the great response the to the launch in the past 24 hours.

So what happened? In a nutshell….

The media exploded!

TechCrunch (Steve O’Hear) talked about our ‘bid to become music’s water cooler’.

The Next Web (Martin Bryant) – a prominent supporter since day one described it very simply as ‘group messaging with music’ – fairly spot on description we think!

Another big supporter of Soundwave since we first launched is Tech writer Kira Grunenberg from Soundctrl who wrote a nice piece on our update.

The Irish Times (Pamela Newenham) started what became a massive influx of Irish support, whilst The Journal  (Quinton O’Reilly) and Silicon Republic (John Kennedy) all helped ensure that the Soundwave name was proudly making itself known in our native country. And big supporters of all things Irish in the US – the guys at Irish Central  helped spread the word.

Then along came Forbes with Hayden Shaughnessy’s unique and his absorbing piece on ‘Why music is the next big battle for the Tech Titans…’

The word also spread eastwards as far as Japan – where our friends at Gigazine wrote what has to be one of the most informative articles on the Soundwave app yet. If that wasn’t enough, our friends at Webrazzi in Turkey thanked us for developing our app for Turkish users by giving us an excellent write-up also!

But aside from publications, then in shoots Apple with a country wide feature in the UK, Ireland, the US plus many more – Soundwave was featured front and centre – cheers guys!

Our Twitter account nearly broke… yup – we started trending in Ireland and our computers just about managed to withstand the pressure. Our tag team – Stephen Fry, Mark Cuban etc… jumped on board to spread the word in Twitter land and my did you spread it!

And last but not least – Soundwave launched the first Soundwave game... this is the work of 2 Soundwave team members – the rest accept no responsibility for any offence caused during the playing of this game!

So that’s it… yes, it was a busy day but a great day. We hope there’s plenty more of these days ahead.

Thanks for your support and if you haven’t yet updated or downloaded the app then here’s a few useful links;

For iPhone users; iPhone.soundwave.com and for Android users; Android.soundwave.com

Until next time,

Team Soundwave


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