4 Lessons From Working at a Tech Startup for One Week

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From time to time, we open up our Soundwave offices to young work experience students. This week, we had the delightful 2nd year business student Conor Hughes join our ranks to see how the magic happens. Here’s what he had to say on his time with us!


Over the past week, I’ve been in the Soundwave office in Dublin getting some work experience. I must say that this office environment is quite different to anything I’ve experienced before! Rather than the incessant drone of the printer copying off endless pages of ink, or the mundanity you find in most workplaces, the Soundwave office has given me a few surprises! Here are some things I learned from my week:

1. Be Creative

One of the first things I noticed about the Soundwave office was that there was writing on the walls! Lists, ideas, comments and plans – all drawn out on the previously blank, white wall!

This adds such a creative sense of character to the office. It’s great to have these visual effects around the office. It gives visibility to the whole team on what the work is happening and an insight into the processes taking place within the office!

(Don’t worry about ruining the walls however, this stuff rubs off… apparently!)

 2. Be Comfortable

Who was it that decided you should wear a formal suit and tie when going to work every day? Well, he doesn’t work for Soundwave!

The team are able to come in and work in the comfort of their own choice of attire. In my opinion, being able to wear what you want adds a whole different dynamic to an office. The team seems relaxed and comfortable and I’m sure this means work is completed more effectively!

3. Have Fun



The Soundwave office has quite a fun space to be in! They have quite the collection of equipment and I don’t mean the desks and computers that fill the office workspace! (Sure, you have those in any office!)

I’m talking about the foosball table, the vinyl record player and the old school Atari games console tucked away in a corner of it’s own. These are three things I have always wanted in my own room at home and it gives the office a retro sense of style and an element of fun!

I think it’s fair to say that if you’re looking for a really slick office, look no further!

4. Work Hard

While the Soundwave team certainly know how to have fun, I would say that their work ethic is the most noticeable thing about an office when you first enter!

In a lot of workplaces that I’ve experienced, there is often a lot of distraction going on around you. From chats at the printer to bi-hourly coffee breaks, it can be a massive nuisance when you’re trying to get work done.

Here, I was struck by the solid rhythm of work happening around me! I think the difference is that this is a startup! Each team member has been and is still heavily invested in the success of the company. Countless hours of hard graft is reflected in a solemn buzz of the keys on the keyboard tapping out the days work. There is the odd chat here and there to check in with each other and give advice for the job at hand but overall, the work ethic is outstanding!




I’m delighted to have had such an insightful experience working with Soundwave. The work environment of a startup tech office is absolutely amazing. I immediately felt comfortable walking in to the office on my first day with the team who were all so friendly and welcoming. The relaxed ambiance of the office gives the team an enjoyable platform from which to work and the challenge of building a tech startup with so much competition out there keeps everyone hungry and ready to succeed – This is definitely the sort of place I want to work when I graduate!

Conor Hughes

If you are interested in working for Soundwave, please keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter for any opportunities. Don’t hesitate to drop us an email anytime to hello@soundwave.com!


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